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Heat treating (or heat treatment) is a group of industrial, thermal and metalworking processes used to alter the physical, and sometimes chemical, properties of a material

Cootehill Precision Engineering stands as a leading provider in the realm of metalworking, distinguishing itself through a comprehensive array of heat treatment services. Specializing in enhancing the mechanical properties of metals, the company employs state-of-the-art techniques to ensure precision and reliability in every project.

One of the primary heat treatment processes offered by Cootehill Precision Engineering is normalizing. This method involves subjecting metal components to elevated temperatures followed by controlled cooling, thereby refining their internal structure and eliminating any irregularities. Normalizing enhances the overall mechanical strength and durability of the materials, making them more suitable for various industrial applications.

Annealing is another crucial heat treatment service provided by the company. This process involves heating metals to specific temperatures and then gradually cooling them, promoting the reduction of internal stresses and increasing their ductility. Annealed materials are known for their improved machinability and enhanced response to subsequent manufacturing processes.

For clients seeking heightened hardness in their metal components, Cootehill Precision Engineering offers hardening services. This involves heating the material to critical temperatures and then rapidly cooling it, inducing a transformation that results in increased hardness and wear resistance. This process is particularly beneficial for components requiring superior strength and durability.

Tempering is the final facet of the heat treatment repertoire at Cootehill Precision Engineering. This process follows hardening and involves reheating the material to a specific temperature and then gradually cooling it. Tempering imparts a balance between hardness and toughness, optimizing the material's performance for its intended application.

With a commitment to excellence, Cootehill Precision Engineering ensures that each heat treatment process is tailored to meet the specific needs of their clients. By combining technical expertise with cutting-edge technology, the company continues to be a trusted partner for industries demanding precision and reliability in their metal components.

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Normalizing, a pivotal heat treatment process offered by Cootehill Precision Engineering, involves subjecting metal components to elevated temperatures followed by controlled cooling. This meticulous procedure refines internal structures, eliminating irregularities and enhancing mechanical strength. Trusted for its precision, normalizing at Cootehill Precision Engineering ensures optimal performance and durability in metal components.


Annealing, a vital heat treatment service provided by Cootehill Precision Engineering, entails heating metal components to specific temperatures and gradually cooling them. This meticulous process reduces internal stresses, enhancing ductility and machinability. Cootehill Precision Engineering's annealing ensures materials are primed for superior performance and adaptability in various applications.


Cootehill Precision Engineering excels in hardening, a crucial heat treatment service. This process involves heating metal components to critical temperatures and rapidly cooling them, enhancing hardness and wear resistance. Through meticulous hardening, Cootehill Precision Engineering ensures materials meet stringent strength and durability requirements, ideal for demanding industrial applications.


Cootehill Precision Engineering excels in tempering, a key heat treatment service. Following hardening, this process involves reheating metal components to specific temperatures and gradual cooling. Tempering imparts a crucial balance between hardness and toughness, ensuring optimal material performance for diverse applications. Cootehill Precision Engineering delivers precision and reliability through meticulous tempering processes.

Colour Case Hardening

Color case hardening is a heat-treatment process that not only enhances the durability of metal but also imparts vibrant and unique colors to its surface. By exposing steel to controlled heat and chemicals, it creates a visually appealing, hardened layer, adding both aesthetic appeal and increased resistance to wear and corrosion.